American Hip Institute Patient-Specific Outcome Prediction Model

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This web application is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals to help counsel patients interested in undergoing hip arthroscopy at the American Hip Institute. Using the specific patient's preoperative data, the model will generate predicted success rate of surgery and longevity of the hip. This application uses machine learning algorithms and outcome data from thousands of patients at the American Hip Institute to predict the individual patient outcome. The result is a synergy of patient-specific predictive analytics and evidence-based medicine.


PROM and Physical VariablesPROM and Physical Variables

MRI ResultsMRI Results

Radiographic MeasurementsRadiographic Measurements


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Preservation Rate (%) Revision Incidence (%)
One Year


The patient-specific information entered into the model for this hip has been referenced against outcome data from thousands of patients in the American Hip Institute registry. Based on this analysis, the model has predicted the success rate of arthroscopic repair at one-year follow-up in this hip:

  • Notes: Predicted success rate of arthroscopic repair = 1 - probability of repeat arthroscopy, Longevity = 1 - probability of arthroplasty
Body Mass Index:
Worker's Compensation Status:
Pre mHHS Score:
Pre NAHS Score:
Pre-Operative Fitness Level:
MRI Gluteus Medius Pathology:
MRI Chondral Damage:
MRI Subchondral Cyst Acetabulum:
Lateral Center Edge Angle:
Tonnis Grade:
Joint Space Medial:
Joint Space Lateral:
Neck Shaft Angle (per degree):
Alpha Angle (per degree):
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