Labral base refixation in the hip: rationale and technique for an anatomic approach to labral repair


Recent literature has defined the importance of anatomic repair in shoulder and knee arthroscopy. New advances in hip arthroscopy have created opportunities to apply the principle of anatomic repair to the hip. To address the obstacles in the restoration of labral anatomy, we describe an anatomic approach to labral refixation. We reviewed the literature on biomechanics of the labrum to identify the factors that are essential to the function of the labrum. Existing techniques for arthroscopic labral repair and potential challenges in restoration of labral anatomy were reviewed. A list of criteria for anatomic labral repair was created, and a technique for anatomic labral base refixation was developed. The technique incorporates the understanding of the function and biomechanical role of the labrum and builds on existing techniques to fulfill the criteria for restoration of anatomy. Our purpose was to review the anatomy, biomechanics, and existing repair techniques of the labrum, as well as to describe the rationale and surgical steps for anatomic labral base refixation in the hip.

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