Acetabular Labral Tear and Post Partum Hip Pain


Objective: To educate the obstetrics community regarding postpartum labral tears, an avoidable and treatable potential complication of pregnancy in the postpartum period.

Methods: From 2009 to 2011, 10 women presented to the second author's office with persistent hip pain that had begun during pregnancy or during delivery. These 10 postpartum women presented with signs and symptoms of labral tears, which were subsequently confirmed with arthroscopy and surgically repaired.

Results: Each patient experienced relief of symptoms within 4 months after the procedure. All patients were satisfied with surgery, and all patients had improvement in modified Harris hip score. The average preoperative modified Harris hip score was 53.1 and the average postoperative modified Harris hip score was 84.3 (P<.001).

Conclusion: An acetabular labral tear should be considered part of the differential diagnosis for hip pain in postpartum women. Additionally, freeing the distal lower extremity to externally rotate during labor may prevent an acute labral tear. When nonoperative management fails, surgery may lead to positive outcomes.

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