Excision of Labral Amorphous Calcification as a Part of Hip Arthroscopy-Clinical Outcomes in a Matched-Controlled Study.

Abstract: To evaluate clinical outcomes, demographics, and radiographic findings for patients whose hip arthroscopies involved amorphous calcification (AC) excision and to compare them with a control group with no AC and with the general population regarding diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

Methods: Patients who underwent primary hip arthroscopy involving surgical excision of AC deposit in the anterosuperior labralcapsular recess between October 2008 and July 2014 were reviewed. Demographics, radiographic findings, intraoperative findings, and procedures were reviewed. Minimum follow-up was 2 years and included visual analog scale for pain, patient satisfaction, and the following patient-reported outcome scores: modified Harris hip score, hip outcomes score sport-specific subscale, and nonarthritic hip score. These patients were matched (1:2 ratio) to patients who underwent hip arthroscopy with no AC using the following matching criteria: age at surgery ± 5 years, body mass index ± 5, gender, type of labral treatment, and type of capsular treatment.

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