Arthroscopic decompression of central acetabular impingement with notchplasty h Femoroacetabular Impingement


Acetabular notch osteophytes are often encountered during routine diagnostic arthroscopy of the hip. It has been our observation that when notch osteophytes are present, there is often corresponding chondral damage to the anterosuperior femoral head and ligamentum teres degeneration. We propose that removal of the notch osteophyte and decompression of the articulating surface offer an effective method of delaying the progression of arthritis. This article describes in detail the technique used to perform arthroscopic acetabular notchplasty, and a companion video, demonstrating the procedure, is included. Our experience suggests that decompression of the acetabular notch can remove offending structural abnormalities that can potentially cause further chondral damage and may hasten the progression of arthritis.

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