Arthroscopic Labral Reconstruction of the Hip Using Semitendinosus Allograft


The labrum of the hip is recognized as being important to the stability of the hip and a major cause of hip pain. Damage to the labrum may result in increased joint stress and articular damage. Labral damage is often treated through various methods, among them simple stitch repair, base refixation, and debridement. Labral reconstruction becomes necessary when the labrum is too damaged to salvage, which renders labral repair improbable and labral debridement ineffective. In contrast to other methods that have been described for this treatment, our technique uses a semitendinosus allograft as a graft source, allowing for arthroscopic hip labral reconstruction. This technique has many advantages and is easily reproducible. It has shown promising results in patients with labral damage. The purpose of this article is to detail the step-by-step surgical technique of labral reconstruction using a semitendinosus allograft, in addition to the indications, pearls, and pitfalls of the technique.

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