Circumferential and Segmental Arthroscopic Labral Reconstruction of the Hip Utilizing the Knotless Pull-Through Technique with All-Suture Anchors


Appropriate labral tear management is one of the principal priorities of hip-preservation surgery. The labrum's role in the stability and biomechanics of the hip and preservation of the suction seal has been thoroughly demonstrated. Favorable patient-reported outcomes with labral reconstruction and, more recently, labral augmentation have shown that these are viable reconstructive procedures in the setting of irreparable labra. A wide variety of grafts have been used for these advanced labral restoration techniques. The present Technical Note will describe a detailed arthroscopic circumferential labral reconstruction using the pull-through technique with knotless all-suture anchors. The benefits of such can be applied to both segmental and circumferential labral reconstruction procedures, as well as labral augmentation, based on the intraoperative findings and preference of the surgeon.

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