Competitive Athletes Undergoing Hip Arthroscopy with Duration of Symptoms Less Than One Year Demonstrated Superior Postoperative Outcome Scores But Similar Rates of Achieving Psychometric Thresholds Compared to Competitive Athletes Who Underwent Hip Arthroscopy With Symptoms For More Than One Year


Purpose: To report on clinical presentations and outcomes in patients who underwent an isolated endoscopic gluteus medius (GM) repair.

Methods: We retrospectively reviewed and prospectively collected data on patients who underwent a primary isolated endoscopic GM repair. Patients were included if the following patient-reported outcome scores were obtained preoperatively and at minimum 2-year follow-up: modified Harris Hip Score (mHHS), Non-arthritic Hip Score (NAHS), and visual analog scale (VAS) score. The minimal clinically important difference (MCID) for the mHHS, NAHS, and Hip Outcome Score-Sports Specific Scale was uniquely calculated for this study. Patients who underwent concomitant procedures including hip arthroplasty and hip arthroscopy were excluded.

Results: A total of 26 hips met all inclusion and exclusion criteria, of which 23 hips (88.5%) (22 patients) had a minimum 2-year follow-up. Nineteen hips had a partial-thickness GM tear; 17 (89.5%) were high-grade partial-thickness tears treated with a side-to-side repair through a transtendinous window. Four full-thickness tears with no retraction or fatty infiltration were able to be repaired endoscopically. The mHHS, NAHS, and VAS score all significantly improved (P < .05) from baseline: The mHHS improved from 55.9 to 75.4 (P = .005); the NAHS, from 58.8 to 79.2 (P = .003); and the VAS score, from 5.9 to 3.6 (P = .009). The MCID was calculated for the mHHS, NAHS, and Hip Outcome Score-Sports Specific Scale as 5.8, 7.1, and 11.0, respectively. Most patients achieved the MCID for all 3 patient-reported outcome scores.

Conclusions: Appropriately selected patients without concomitant intra-articular hip pathology may achieve successful outcomes at a minimum 2-year follow-up after an isolated endoscopic GM repair. Most isolated endoscopic GM repairs were performed for partial-thickness GM tears.

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