Endoscopic Pubic Symphysectomy for Recalcitrant Osteitis Pubish Femoroacetabular Impingement.


Recalcitrant osteitis pubis presents a challenging problem for orthopaedic surgeons. Various surgical interventions have been described for treatment, including opening-wedge resection, symphysiodesis, and curettage. We propose that endoscopic pubic symphysectomy offers an effective method of treating such a challenging problem. This article describes in detail the technique used to perform endoscopic pubic symphysectomy, and a companion video demonstrating the procedure is included. Our experience suggests that removal of the interpubic fibrocartilaginous lamina and resection of approximately 1 cm of bone can successfully eliminate all sources of pain and dysfunction caused by the recalcitrant osteitis pubis.

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