Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: An Intraoperative Endoscopic Classification System with Pearls to Surgical Techniques and Rehabilitation Protocols


Over the past decade, understanding of disorders compromising greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS) has increased dramatically. Nonsurgical treatment options include physical rehabilitation and activity modification, anti-inflammatory as well as biologic injections into the peritrochanteric compartment, and administration of oral analgesics. Multiple open and endoscopic treatment options exist when nonsurgical management is unsuccessful in patients with refractory lateral-sided hip pain, with or without weakness. No true consensus exists within the literature regarding operative techniques of GTPS or postoperative rehabilitation protocols. We present an endoscopic classification system of GTPS with 5 distinct types, which seems to correlate well with preoperative diagnoses and postoperative rehabilitation protocols. The classification system is intuitive, and the corresponding surgical techniques are reproducible for surgeons treating peritrochanteric pathology. Level of Evidence: I (hip); II (extra-articular, impingement).

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