Hip Arthroplasty After Hip Arthroscopy: Are Short-term Outcomes Affected? A Systematic Review of the Literature


Purpose: To systematically review the published literature regarding intraoperative measures, patient-reported outcomes, and complications of total hip arthroplasty (THA) in patients with or without a history of prior hip arthroscopy.

Methods: PubMed and Cochrane Library databases were searched for all publications regarding patients who had undergone a THA after a prior ipsilateral hip arthroscopy. Included studies were comparative in nature and included postoperative outcome measures. Excluded studies were opinion articles, review articles, cadaveric studies, case reports, or technique articles. Patient demographics, surgical outcomes, complications, and patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) were recorded. This study was performed at the American Hip Institute.

Results: Eight studies were included in this systematic review. These included 305 hips with a THA following a prior hip arthroscopy, with 502 matched control hips. Mean time for conversion from prior hip arthroscopy was 23 months and mean follow up was 35.9 versus 36.1, for the prior arthroscopy and control groups respectively. No significant differences were found regarding intraoperative measures and PROMs. There was no difference in rate of revisions at latest follow up. However, there was a trend toward higher rates of dislocations and infections in the prior hip arthroscopy group.

Conclusion: The short-term PROMs of those who underwent total hip arthroplasty with a prior history of an ipsilateral hip arthroscopy are comparable to those of patients undergoing primary THA. Although a conclusion could not be made regarding differences in complication rates between patients with a history of prior arthroscopy and patients undergoing primary THA, it is still imperative to consider the possible implications of a prior hip procedure on postoperative stability and infection rates. In summary, hip arthroplasty following a prior hip arthroscopy is a safe procedure with comparable short-term outcomes to primary arthroplasty.

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