Osteochondral Allograft Implantation Using the Smith-Peterson (Anterior) Approach for Chondral Lesions of the Femoral Head


Management of chondral lesions of the femoral head can be challenging. Previously described approaches include arthroscopic surgery for small lesions and open surgical dislocation for larger lesions. In 2001, Ganz popularized the trochanteric flip osteotomy for surgical dislocation, and this remains the workhorse for treatment of large chondral lesions. However, by using a Smith-Peterson (direct anterior) approach and a femoral head allograft, large lesions may be treated while avoiding both trochanteric osteotomy and donor-site morbidity. We present our technique using a Smith-Peterson approach and osteochondral implantation of fresh femoral head allograft for surgical treatment of a femoral head chondral lesion.

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