X-Grab: An Arthroscopic Maneuver to Efficiently and Accurately Track the Post for Knot Tying


Numerous studies have analyzed techniques for producing reliable and efficient arthroscopic knots. All aspects have been explored, from the biomechanics and strength to the ability to teach and replicate at all levels of training. This technique article describes an additional maneuver (X-grab) for efficiently marking the post side of the arthroscopic knot without having to do this separately outside of the joint. This is most useful for procedures such as rotator cuff repair and capsular repair or plication in hip arthroscopy in which the location of the knot (i.e., the post) is critical. The aim of this Technical Note is to describe the X-grab maneuver, which shortens this process to a single step, limiting the see-sawing of sutures and over-instrumentation of the joint seen with other techniques.

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